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One of the most important decisions that you will make when deciding to put up a website is where you are going to host your website. Without web hosting your website does not go up online. If you have taken a look online, you will see that there are hundreds of websites that offer Web Hosting. The larger companies that offer web hosting, have thousands and thousands of customers, you want to make sure that a company you choose has personal service and if you ever need anything they are there for you. After all what good is a website if something goes wrong.

Buffalo Web Pages offers you personal Web Hosting at a price that you can afford. We can handle everything from a small web page to a full e commerce website. Now that you have decided to use Buffalo Web Pages for your hosting needs, there are some choices that you have to make. The first would be Windows or Linux Hosting; these are operating systems that are offered by every web hosting company out there.

What Can Windows and Linux Offer Me?

Windows Hosting is used on a Windows Operating System Server. Windows can accommodate ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL and more.

Linux Server consists of a LAMP Platform, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Now that you have chosen an operating system for your web hosting, you now have the choice of what type of server you would like to choose. Think about this carefully since, you don’t want to choose a big server when you don’t need it and you don’t want to choose a server that is too small for your needs.

Different Types of Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting: This type of hosting is placed on a server that also contains several other websites. Your website is kept on a separate partition and not mixed in with other websites. The Shared Web Hosting is very affordable and cost effective

Dedicated Web Hosting is where the Webmaster leases or rents an entire server just for their website. Dedicated Hosting gives more flexibility to the renter since there are no other websites on the server. Websites that are E Commerce sites are best suited for Dedicated Server.

Virtual Private Servers or VPS is actually a preferred choice for smaller or medium web businesses. The VPS Hosting Plans work almost like a Dedicated Web Hosting service where the VPS only hosts your own website. These web hosting plans were designed to provide customers a way to save money without sacrificing any of the server performance.

Buffalo Web Pages is 100% dedicated to helping Webmasters get started on their dream web business. Contact us for more information and prices on the Hosting Services as well as the many other great services we have to offer.


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